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Exercise Motivation

We all know that regular exercise will benefit us both physically and mentally.  But how do we get out there and do it everyday? 

Motivation!   How do we get it and keep it?  A huge part of the problem is simply getting over the mental inertia and lack of motivation when we already have so much taking up our time. All this can be changed greatly by using hypnosis. This  Exercise  Motivation  Hypnosis  Download  will help you to feel great about getting out there and doing it. You’ll be able to get over those early mental hurdles until you have established an exercise routine so you can become the fit healthy person you want to be.


Let Go, Move Forward

Feeling stuck in your career, relationships or just life?

Do you like to increase  YOUR  confidence?

to Overcome  YOUR  Fears and Barriers

to  Let  Go  of what holds you back.

and  Move  Forward  to happiness and success!




Stop Emotional Snacking

Can’t stop emotional snacking?  Oh yes you can!  and quickly with self-hypnosis

Do you remember the last time you opened a bag of chips or a box of chocolates while watching TV or doing something else. The next thing you knew, you’d finished the lot. Then a little while later, you’re searching the cupboards for more…. You go to bed at night feeling guilty and you tell yourself that you’ll never do it again. However, the next day the cycle starts again and again….

If you feel that your snacking is getting out of hand, DOWNLOAD   the Stop Emotional Snacking  NOW  and say  GOOD BYE  to this old bad habit and become the  NEW  YOU !

Wonderful Sleep

Struggling  to  get  to  sleep….. this  Wonderful Sleep Hypnosis Download  can help to turn this around.

We’ve all had occasional sleepless nights. However, once it becomes chronic, we seem to be kept awake just because we want to sleep. The harder we try to sleep the worse it gets. It’s a vicious stay-awake loop that won’t let go.

This  Wonderful Sleep Hypnosis Download  can help you break this vicious cycle and bypass that loop – relaxing your mind to the point where you just drift off to sleep.



These self-hypnosis downloads are created by John Bullock who has been a clinical hypnotherapist in Sydney Australia since 1994.

In the last 20 years or so, our clients have gained help and success by using John's hypnotherapy service in his Sydney Practice and more recently by listening to his CD's and hypnosis downloads. People from all walks of life have gained the confidence to make the changes they desire in their lives.

Of course, hypnosis downloads cannot replace personal guidance from an experienced therapist when that is required. However, we have found that many people can achieve great success in the comfort of their own home listening to John.

At the moment John is working to produce more of his hypnosis downloads. If you have any suggestions for any topics, please feel welcome to let us know. Please fill out all the fields below

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